Fieldstone Mobile Presets

Fieldstone Mobile Presets are a mobile photo editing process that captures the dreamy light and airy 'Fieldstone-look' while keeping colors and details in tact.  This is a user friendly editing tool that anyone can utilize by downloading the free Lightroom Mobile app and installing our presets (you do NOT have to be a photographer to use these presets!).

Our preset process is like non other in the mobile preset world.  Instead of giving you a list of presets that you choose randomly from, we are giving you a tried and true process that will leave you with no guess work and stunning mobile images.  With a Fieldstone Signature Preset and eighteen modifiers you will be ready to transform your images and take your IG grid to the next level.

Hey Ya'll!

I'm Sandra!  Founder of Fieldstone Photography and creator of the Fieldstone Mobile Presets.  I am a mom to four kiddos and with hundreds of photos being taken every week, I was never satisfied with the way my photos looked with all of the filter-type presets that are on the market.  They were either too much, not enough, or the colors were just way off.  This is what led me to create our presets. These have been in the works for TWO YEARS as I've fine tuned them over and over and added multiple modifiers.  Initially I created these presets just for myself, but after being asked my multiple people if they could purchase them, I've decided to share them with the world!

Edited with our preset!

Want to know why you can trust these presets?  Because I use them in every single mobile image that I post!

How it Works

After you purchase your presets you will receive a link through the email address that you provided.  This link will be good for one week and will allow you to download twice.  Please be sure to download and back up your files immediately.

Your preset will come as a ZIP file so you will either need to download an unzipping app on your phone (such as iZip) or download them on your computer and then transfer them to your phone.

Within your files you will receive a PDF Guide that will walk you through how to download, install, and use your presets.  These presets come as DNG files that will need to be imported to Lightroom Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile is a free mobile app available for iOS and Android.  It is completely free to use, though there is a paid version that will give you additional features if you wish to upgrade.  **You do not need the upgraded version to use our presets.

Once you download your presets they will remain on your Lightroom Mobile app.  You have the ability to log in to your account on multiple devices including your tablet or iPad.


- What happens if I can't get my images to look right?

Included in your PDF Guide is a troubleshooting section that will walk you through different problems you may encounter and solutions to those problems.  If you are still having issues you can send us an email and we will help any way that we can.

- I'm not a professional photographer; will my images still look good with these presets?

Obviously the better your camera and your experience, the better your images will look.  But these presets are made to work on a number of different lighting situations and camera's.  The preset process itself is created to be very user friendly and no editing experience is needed.  It may take a little learning process to figure out all of the modifiers and when to use them in given situations, but that is why we've included the guide to help you through that learning process!  Once you get it down you'll start to feel like a pro.  (side note: we also have a phone-toographer course in the works that walks you through how to take better photos with your iPhone.  Keep an eye out for that to learn how to master your phone photos even better!)

-How do I download the presets?

You will receive an email link to your preset files after checking out.  You will need to unzip the file on your computer or download an unzipping app on your phone.  Then you will need to upload and save the presets to Lightroom Mobile.

- What is the difference between a preset and a filter?

A filter is a coloration that is placed over top of a photo to change its appearance.  These are what you see on Instagram and a lot of other photo editing apps.  A preset takes the actual data inside of your image and tweaks that information very specifically to what you want to adjust.  This is what makes our preset process different than most.  We first have a preset that will change most of the settings in your image to give you the light and airy look.  Then we have eighteen modifiers that adjust very specific settings inside of your image to make minor tweaks that perfect your image.

- Do you offer refunds?

Do to the nature of digital products we cannot offer refunds on products purchased.

How many presets do I get?

This is unlike most preset packs that you will see.  Most preset packs will give a number of different presets that all make different tweaks to your images and give them separate 'looks'.  Our preset process was created to give you consistently bright and airy photos even with different lighting situations, backgrounds, and color tones.  The goal of our presets are not to give you a group of presets that give you different color filters to put over top of your photo, but it's to give you a process that will allow you to edit your photos with our signature Fieldstone Style that you've come to know and love..  That being said; our preset process comes with one Fieldstone Signature Preset and then eighteen modifiers.

-Can I share these presets with my friends?

No, your presets are copyrighted and you are purchasing a single use license for your presets.

-Do these work on the desktop version of Lightroom?

These will work on the desktop version of Lightroom Mobile but not Lightroom Classic and not Lightroom CC. These presets are made to work best with mobile images not DSLR images.